Heli Portable Drilling

The most powerful drill in the world

Ready to tackle any terrain

Partnered with the most powerful heli-portable drill in the world, we can take on any type of terrain and weather.  Cliffs, jungles, environmentally sensitive areas and snow capped mountains are no obstacle for our drills.  We use an engineered all aluminum frame and components to form the highest power to weight ratio heli portable drill in the industry.


Our heli portable drills are made out of aluminum to lighten the load and make a lower impact on the earth’s terrain.  With our unique one pick design, we are the leader when it comes to safety and production. We provide a 50% safer environment then our competition because of this design.  Instead of having haul 2-3 times to the same spot we only have to do it once.  Not only is it safer but it also provides for better production numbers.

Air Compressor

Our air compressor produces 24% more volume of air than any other drilling company has ever attempted on heli portable drills.  Due to the increased volume of air it allows us to get higher production, which shortens the overall time frame of the project.

Hydraulic System

Our hydraulic system is designed with a powerful pump and motor combination.  This provides for a more reliable system when we get into unfavorable drilling conditions.  This is the only drill that uses an on-demand load sense system which cuts down on heat build up.

We utilize a Kaman Kmax K-1200 helicopter to move our drilling equipment. The K-1200 is the quietest helicopter, in the world, making it ideal for environmentally and noise sensitive areas.